Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holy Land Pilgrimage May 4-15, 2009 Part I

8 months earlier...on the telephone

Mom: Hi Simi, dad and I are going to Israel next March.
Simone: Okay, have fun!

Mom: Hi Nicki, dad and I are gong to Israel next March.
Nicole: What?! Take me!!!
Mom: Well...

Nicole: Hi Dad! Take me to Israel with you and Mom!
Dad: Okay habibi, whatever you want!

Nicole: Guess what? I'm going to Israel with mom and dad!
Simone: What?! I'm not going to let you go ALONE to the Holy Land!

Simone: Nicole and I are going with you and dad.
Mom: Sigh...

And this is *exactly* how I get taken on trips. I never ask, it just happens via one little sister.

So instead of going in March, my parents changed the trip to a pilgrimage departing in May. My finals ended on Friday. I flew out Saturday to meet my family and our pilgrimage group in Chicago, the departing destination.


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