Friday, December 12, 2008

Being Good for Goodness' Sake...

The American Humanist Association has ads out in D.C. that say "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake."

Here's more information from the Pew Forum on this:

I find it fascinating that these people supposedly don't believe in God and yet they form a group to "not believe in God" together.

Hmmm...I also find it humorous that atheists keeping saying they don't believe in God and yet...keep bringing Him up!

A person who really, truly does not at all believe in God does not care to identify himself by his "non-belief."

I don't exactly know how to judge this absurdity on behalf of the AHA. Should I be outraged because they are offensive and intellectually dishonest? Or should I be delighted that such an extreme measure shows how much they really want to believe in Him?


Paul said...

Thanks for posting this, so those of us out here on the West Coast can know of it.

The really interesting thing about the ad is how clearly it reveals their conception of God. That if he exists, the only consequence would be on the way we should or should not behave. His existence would be important for moralistic reasons. Which is a radical reduction not just of what Christianity proposes, but of human experience, of my experience. The biggest problem of our experience isn't how to be good, but whether or not this life has a meaning and a purpose.

I honestly don't care about God's existence because he helps me (or scares me?) into being good. It's because I've found that I want a meaning to life, my experience demands an explanation. It's like coming home and finding a bouquet of flowers on the front table. If you simply say, "oh look, flowers. how lovely" but don't ask who put them there, then you miss the best part. But no one does this! You want to know who put them there. And your reason can tell you that Someone must have put them there, must have put me here, but having searched the whole world and not found the source, having not found the answer - and yet still knowing there is an answer - it's reasonable to say that prayer, "God if you exist, reveal yourself to me".

Christianity is the announcement that this has happened. God revealed Himself and now He has a human face.

It has an ethical consequence sure, because you begin to follow That Man - who lived in a particular way - but the ethical is not the primary thing. The fact of His Incarnation changes the way we look at each morning.

Simone said...

Exactly, Paul!


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