Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Lent-Week 4

Jesus on the Way to Calvary-A Meditation by Luigi Giussani

God who came among men goes to the scaffold: defeated, a failure; a moment, a day, three days of nothingness, in which everything is finished. This is the condition, the condition of sacrifice in its most profound meaning: it appears to be a failure, it appears not to succeed, it appears that the others are right. Remaining with Him even when it seems that everything is finished or has finished; staying next to Him as His Mother did–only this faithfulness brings us, sooner or later, to the experience that no one outside the Christian community can have in this world, the experience of the Resurrection.

And we can leave for another love this Christ who moves into death to deliver us from evil so that we may change, so that the Eternal Father may regenerate in us what the crime of forgetfulness has outstripped! This man throws himself onto the cross to brandish it, to embrace it, to be nailed on it, to die, to be one with that wood: “Will we leave him for another love?”

This Man pours out his blood for us and shall we leave him for another love?


Musselman said...

That is so well said: we have to believe in Christ when all has seemed to fail, to die, when we are left with nothing.

Deep and sad and beautiful it is.

Simone said...

That is true love.

This is how Mother Teresa loved God for twenty years when grace was taken away, when His presence was lost, when she felt nothing and yet continued to love.

What glory to God!


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