Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Solitary Work Journey

By Lynne McGuire-my former co-worker at Crescendo Interactive. This was composed in July 2008 after I resigned my position.

With whom shall I share my poems
To whom will I write my odes
The thoughts in my mind will roam
Alone, on Intellectual Road

For Essie’s decided to wander
On a road so much less traveled
God’s theology she’s decided to ponder
All His thoughts she will unravel

And I’ll remain here
Pining and whining, I’ll mourn

My dear Essie is bound for the East
While I remain in the West
She’ll tell all her good thoughts to a priest
And I’ll talk to Arthur, at best

Such are the fates of life, I suppose
These events make or break our days
They’re not meant for stimulating prose
They’re relegated to this paper phrase

But I have a big heart of forgiveness
And I’ll think of her fondly always
For my friend, the Adventuress
Will be blessed, what she does, always

1 comment:

Simone said...

Essie is her nickname for me.
Arthur is her dog. LOL.


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